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Wistyria Editions has been in business for over 24 years. For the past 13 years, we have become one of the most complete online sites, for  felting supplies. Please browse our site and find the 67 wonderful colors of 100% New Zealand  Corriedale wool roving(sliver). The grid shows a few of the colors you will find on the "Wool Roving" page. Roving is available in 12" (.25 oz) and 48" (1 oz.) 

Bulk wool is also available. Please inquire about pricing.

Felting needles are a necessity for dry needle felting. There are 4 sizes. They come in an assorted package of 4 and also in sets of 4 of all one size.
The 40 triangle or 38 star needle can also be used to secure 100% wool ends on your knitting projects. A few punches on the ends will do the trick to keep them in place!

If you visit the " Wool Assortments & Samplers" page, you will see many assorted wools, packaged with colors that are great together. A very easy way to buy colors you know will be perfect for a project together.  There is one sampler with 67, 6" pieces included in the bag.  Perfect for small projects when you need just a touch of several colors. Also wonderful for that little splash of color for all you spinners out there!

"Felting Foam" is necessary to put under your needle felting projects. This foam is 8" x 6" x 2" and very firm, so it will last through many projects.

Flowers can be found on the "Needle Felting Pattern" page. Each pattern has very detailed instructions, diagrams and templates, so it is easy for you to complete a project without any previous needle felting experience.

New to our website are the assorted wool packages with 1 ounce of striped wool with 4 solid matching colors, which are in the stripe. Each of the solid colors are .25 ounce each. See the "Wool Assortments" page for other colors available. The one shown is "Jester Stripe". Total weight of these packages is 2 ounces.

We have patterns for creating wool fabric flowers. These are very easy patterns to follow and make.  Each pattern includes several sizes of templates, so you can create something as small as a pair of earrings or a larger one to place on a hat or use on the top of a special gift in place of a bow. These  can be cut from scraps of wool left over from other projects. You can use any fabric that will not ravel. The possibilities are endless!


 Enjoy browsing our site.

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